Dr. Stephen J. Godfrey

Some well known museums/theme parks for which Stephen has completed exhibits/sculpted pieces include:

  • The Field Museum, Chicago
  • The American Museum of Natural History, New York
  • The Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden
  • The Noorder Dierenpark, Emman, The Netherlands
  • Hayashibara Museum of Natural History, Japan
  • Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure, Florida
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida.

He has also sculpted most of the exhibit skeletons for a suite of dinosaurs and other extinct reptiles from Africa including Deltadromeus, Jobaria, Nigersaurus, Sarcosuchus, and Suchomimus. These sculpting contracts were completed for Dr. Paul Sereno (University of Chicago), National Geographic, and Project Exploration.

Dr. Godfrey is presently the Curator of Paleontology at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, Maryland.

Stephen is available on a contract, commission, or consultant basis for a wide range of artistic/paleontological endeavors.